Make sure that your web site visitors from Britain, the rest of Europe and Africa will reach you online as fast as possible

If your popular multimedia web sites are geared towards users coming from the UK, the rest of Europe or Africa, then check out our UK located data center option. The UK Servers data center is situated several kilometers away from Coventry and is amongst the most popular data center facilities in the United Kingdom. It offers optimum security conditions for hosting your dynamic web sites and applications and is staffed by a group of admins maintaining the server network 24–7.

We offer you an array of VPS solutions that you can make use of in the UK located data center. Our VPS do not entail any account activation taxes and feature a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Additionally, our trained system administrators carry out weekly offsite backups of your VPS to make certain your data is kept secure at all times. The UK Servers data center facility is available on the signup page.

UK Located Cloud Web Hosting Services

If you are searching for something a little less expensive than a Virtual Private Server, we have the right solution waiting for you in our UK located data center – a cloud web hosting plan account. All our cloud web hosting plans packages are based on our ultra–modern cloud web hosting system, which we’ve built from the ground up. This permits us to assure a ninety–nine point nine percent uptime for all sites hosted under a UK Located Cloud Web Hosting account. Also, with each and every cloud hosting account, you’ll also receive a no–cost domain name.